Dream Like Drew

2024 Update

It’s been such a great year for Dream Like Drew!

We can never thank all of you enough for giving our organization the opportunity to take that weight, of not being able to acquire something that your loved one with a disability needs, off of the shoulders of these families. 

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts, for the support year after year.

With that said it is time to kick off our annual Dream Like Drew t-shirt sale!  If you would like to order a shirt this year you can click the button below.

Just an FYI, this is a presale, so we will close orders in late March, so that we can get the shirts printed.  We will make local deliveries and mail out orders that aren’t local as well. 

Everyone will have their shirts in time to celebrate Cri du Chat on May 5th!

Thank you again everyone!

About Us

The Dream like Drew mission began in 2018 when a small school district in Southern NJ rallied together to celebrate Cri du Chat awareness week.  

The week centered around the idea of being your own unique self, celebrating differences, and believing that any dream is possible.

Through the years Dream Like Drew has continued to grow, and the week long celebration is now on many South Jersey school calendars. 

Dream like Drew just recently became an official non-profit organization, with a new mission to add to their agenda.

The organization is now raising money to help local families pay for services, equipment, and other needs that their disabled child requires, but that their insurance does not deem necessary.

Drew looks forward to spreading his message and helping families like his, and kids like him, receive the support they need on all levels!

We are happy to invite you to DREAM LIKE DREW!